Long Arm Quilting

We have years of experience in completing your little beauties, and love to work with you on the final design. The pattern that is used and the thread that is selected, can really make a difference on what the quilts looks like when it is finished.

We believe that you can spend time on picking the fabric and piecing your quilt, and adding your love along with all the work. If the final quilting does not highlight your work, the quilt may not turn out as the vision you had in mind.

Bring your quilt in and let us help you in the finishing steps. We have 2 quilting machines – one that is manual that uses patterns you can select from, as well as the possibility of custom free form quilting. We also have a computerized machine that can do so many patterns, you wouldn’t believe it.

Long Arm Quilting…. one of our specialties!446

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